Using the PSI Lathe Duplicator – New YouTube Video

I published a new YouTube video on the set up and use of the PSI Lathe Duplicator.

This is a jig that allows crafts persons to make repetitive shapes of their favorite designs on their lathes for such things as: pens, bottle stoppers, utensil handles, eggoscopes, key chain fobs, and more.

I added a few tips and tricks that the DVD from PSI did not cover.

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My YouTube Channel has Hit 900 Subscribers and 100,588 views. Help me get to 1,000 Subscribers!

My YouTube Channel has hit some fabulous numbers as above. It has been a great experience and I learned a lot along the way. I have yet more to learn.Cherry-DarkGeorgianStain (1)

I have more great videos in the hopper to help fellow crafts persons and my customers who buy my products. I share my tips, tricks, and jigs with others to help them in their shops. I also produce short videos about how to use and care for the products I make and sell.

I greatly appreciate the feedback and comments I get from my viewers and subscribers. I learn a lot from all of you.

Help me hit 1,000 subscribers by sharing my channel with your family, friends, colleagues, and fellow crafts persons.

Thank You!!

Gary 8-28-14